Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship

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Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship


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Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship operates under a double bottom line agenda where Bank’s sustained growth objectives and social responsibility go hand in hand as it strives towards a poverty free, prosperous Bangladesh. The Bank considers CSR activities not as a voluntary service but incorporates this with core Banking operation as long term sustainable ongoing process with a view to increase Bank’s brand image. In other words, the Bank strives to establish corporate social responsibility as a key strategy for corporate excellence in banking to maximize stakeholders benefit. Whether it is a donation to a hospital, providing fund for sporting events or a contribution during natural calamities, SEBL and its CSR activities reach the elements of the society for helping the people. The Bank with a view to institutionalize corporate social responsibility, established Southeast Bank Foundation in 2002 to participate in social work. However, up to the year 2008 CSR activities of Southeast Bank Limited had been confined in the form of grants and donations. Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship In 2009, the Board Directors has identified education sector as the area of activities for sustainable development of human resources. To begin with the secondary education sector has been selected as the area of concentration. So far the Foundation has awarded scholarships to a number of 828 students through its long term and renewable Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship program.

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Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship:


SEB Scholarship

Who the Foundation supports:

The Foundation supports meritorious students of poor and low income families.

For secondary Level Students

Students near and around the Southeast Bank Branches of Rural and Semi-Urban Areas are included in the project.

Download Southeast Bank Foundation Graduation Level Scholarship Application Form


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SEB Scholarship

Who Can Apply of Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship?

● Students studying in Classes (VII – X)

● Come from poor and Low Income Families

● Meritorious and Committed

How to Apply of Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship:

● SEBF will send a prescribed form to identified schools in January each year.

● Students shall learn it from respective schools.

● From should be hand written and filled in by Applicant

● Application filled by Guardians or Teacher is not acceptable.

● Computer composed Application is not acceptable.

SEB Scholarship

Stipend Money

For Class VII and Class VIII

● Monthly Stipend – Tk. 600/-

● Lump-Sum – Tk. 1500/-

For Class IX and X

Monthly Stipend – Tk. 1000/-

Lump-Sum – Tk. 2500/-

For HSC Level Students

● Who pass SSC Examination under all Boards including Madrasah and

● Technical

● Stipend Money

For Class XI and Class XII

Monthly Stipend – Tk. 1500/-

Lump-Sum – Tk. 4000/-

● In June Applications are invited through Newspaper announcement. In November:

● Only students who qualify for the Stipend will receive Letter of Confirmation

● Students shall open a Bank account at any of the Southeast Bank Branches

● In January Stipend money for Six Months shall be available to students’ accounts

● Being promoted to XII Class, the student shall send Results of First year Final Examination duly attested by the Principal.

●Results of First year Final shall play a crucial role to renew Stipend Money for the next year.

Southeast Bank Foundation Scholarship:

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