RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project Flat Allotment Result 2012

RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project Flat Allotment Result’2012



In 1947, when India was partitioned, Dhaka became the seat of the provincial government of East Pakistan. The population increased from 0.28 million in 1951 to around 1.2 million in 1971. As the Capital of Bangladesh, which emerged as an independent country after the War of Liberation in 1971, Dhaka has now become one of the faster growing cities in the world and its population is likely to exceed 10 million by this time. Although efforts have been made in the past to plan the growth of the City from a district town to one of the largest cities in the world, most have been unsuccessful. As a result, the living conditions have deteriorated very rapidly and the social as well as physical infrastructure are on the verge of collapse. Immediate actions are necessary to bring some discipline to the future growth of the city. Now RAJUK Published RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project Flat Allotment Result 2012.

RAJUK Uttara Flat

RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project:

It is the ever largest Planned Apartment Project in the country having 214.44 acres of land at Uttara (3rd Phrase) Project, Sector-18, Uttara, Dhaka for Low and Middle Income group of people.. Approximately 240 nos. 16 storied Apartment Building including basement floor comprising about 20,160 nos flats will be constructed, as follows: RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project.

Type Net Area Nos. of Building Unit Per floor Total Flats Parking (Approx.)

Type ‘A’






Type ‘B’






Type ‘C’









Institutional Plot Allotment Result’ 2013


Uttara 3rdphase and Purbachal Institutional plot allotment result-2013


RAJUK Uttara Flat Allotment Result’2012

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Affected – Uttara Sector 18 Flat




     Argonomist – Uttara Sector 18 Flat

       Armed Forces- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

                Artist and Sportsman- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

   Autonomous- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

   Businessman- Uttara Sector 18 Flat




Disable- Uttara Sector 18 Flat






Expatriate- Uttara Sector 18 Flat




        Freedom Fighter- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

   Govt. Service- Uttara Sector 18 Flat




Journalist- Uttara Sector 18 Flat






Lawyer- Uttara Sector 18 Flat






Others- Uttara Sector 18 Flat




       Private Doctor- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

         Private Engineer- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

       Private Service- Uttara Sector 18 Flat

         Private Teacher- Uttara Sector 18 Flat




Remaining- Uttara Sector 18 Flat




RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project:

Location of the Project:

RAJUK ‘Uttara Apartment Project’ is situated at sector 18 of Uttara (3rd Phrase) Project covering Block ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’. The main approach will be from Ashulia Flood protection Embankment Road and Sonagaon Jonopath of Uttara Model Town. Proposed MRT will have the possibility through the Project area of RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project.

Background of the Project:

Dhaka Metropolitan city has now been turned into the busiest densely populated city. Large number of people reside permanently in Dhaka city for service, business and other purposes. The dwelling places required for these large number of people are very inadequate. As a result, the residential areas of Dhaka city are getting overcrowded and dirty day by day and creating unhealthy environment causing damage to the beauty of city. All these are because of mainly unplanned urbanization. It is possible to reduce the pressure of population of Dhaka is a great extent by developing Flats/Apartments as a permanent resident. Focusing the need of housing for lower and middle income group of people, government has decided to establish planned housing by constructing multi-storied building. RAJUK Uttara Apartment Project.


Present Position of the project:

Already Contractors have been selected for the construction of 79 nos. 16 storied Type -‘A’ Apartment building. Pre-cast Pile Foundation work of the building work is going on at site. Tender Invited for the construction of ‘B’ & ‘C’ type Apartment building on ‘Turnkey (design-build) Basis’ Malaysian Government and many other foreign Developer/investors are showing their interest for the construction of ‘B’ & ‘C’ type Apartment building. Application in prescribed Form for the allotment of 6,600 flats (Type-‘A’ net 1250sft.) are receiving now.

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