NU Release Slip Quota Admission Result 2014-15

Last Updated: April 10, 2015 at 4:15 pm

National University of Bangladesh has completed taken the Admission Exam for all college under National University. Whole countries of Bangladeshi student are satiated National University Honours 1st year in different colleges in Bangladesh. Many of the students are now waiting desperately for the Honours 1st year Admission Result under National University. National University Admission Test Session 2014-2015 held on 19 December 2014. NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15 National University Honours 1st year admission result published 18th January, 2015. Second Merit List published very short time. NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15. 

NU 2nd Merit Admission Result

NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15:

nu admission

NU Admission Result 2014

NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15 is going on.The Candidates who have got chance will have to fill the admission form through online and submit a printed copy of that form to the respected college within 28/1/2015 to 10/02/2015.If anyone fail to finish the admission process within 10th January 2014 his/her nomination will be erased and seat will be fill up from next merit list. NU Admission Result 2014 2nd Merit List Download 2014NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15.

NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014:

Wait until the first phase is complete.

a)     Science  – 46120 Candidate

b)    Business Administration – 1,1779 Candidate

c)     Humanities – 1,43941 Candidate

Second Merit List will be published after 13-JAN-2015. First phase admission date 18th January 2015 to 10th February 2015. Then Second phase Merit list published after 13 January, 2015. NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15

NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014-15

NU admission

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SMS method to get the Honours Admission Result of 2013-14 Session

NU <space> AT < space > Exam Roll Send to 16222

Example: NU AT 5205202 Send to 16222

Currently available on TeleTalk, Banglalink, Airtel, Citycell Operators

NU 2nd Merit Admission Result 2014:

1) Humanities

2) Science

3) Business Administration online Admission Result National University process:

First Merit List Admission Test Result

Second Merit List Admission Test Result

3rd Merit List Admission Test Result

 More information about NU 1st Year Admission Result then

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