JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution

Last Updated: April 9, 2013 at 10:55 pm

JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution

JDC Exam

Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board has been published JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution this Syllabus and Marks Distribution of JDC students are very helpful. JDC means Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC). Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) Exam 2012 was started on November 4, 2012 and continued up to November 15, 2012.This exam will be held on November 2013. The Madrasah Education Board recently published all subject marks distribution and also syllabus. Total Marks 1100, total subjects 12. All JDC Student are preparation to this all subject for the exam of JDC Exam 2013. JDC exam conducted by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board and also result published Madrasah Education Board own website also this site that means bdloan.net at the same time published JDC exam result 2013. Assail the previous JDC exam result 2012 at the same time we published this result. JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution, now it is time to publish the JDC Result 2013, also visit bdloan.net




JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution:  

JDC exam

JDC exam

JDc exam

JDC exam

JDC exam

JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution:

Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board has been published JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution As soon as JDC examination start may be November 2013 the JDC result will be published it will be updated here. Kept eye on this site to get JDC Result 2013

Name of the Subjects:

● Quran and Tajbid Marks- 100

● Akyed and Fikha Marks -100

● Arabic 1st paper Marks-100

● Arabic 2nd paper Marks-100

● Bangla 1st paper Marks-100

JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution:  

● Bangla 2nd paper Marks-50

● English 1st Paper Marks-100

● English 2nd Paper Marks-50

● Mathematics Marks-100

● Social Science Marks-100

● Science Marks-100

● Agricultural or Home Economics – 100

More information to visit this site>> JDC Exam 2013 Syllabus and Marks Distribution 

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