Barisal University Admission Result 2014-15

Last Updated: November 3, 2014 at 1:56 am

Barisal University Admission Result 2014-15

Barisal University Admission Test 2013

The University of Barisal has been published undergraduate online admission test 2014-15. The University of Barisal already announced admission test start 17th October to 18th October, 2014. Stands on the bank of the Kirtonkhola in the south central region of the country- a location hailed as the ‘Best Site’ for a University outside Dhaka by Govt. & Non-Govt. several visiting team including a high powered team of UGC in 2011. Blessed with exquisite bio-diversity, scenic coastal beauty and a rich cultural heritage of its own, the region is proud to have its first-ever general public university as the University of Barisal. It was first envisioned by the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman immediately after the War of Liberation and finally materialized by the daughter of the Father of the Nation, Hon’ble Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Jononetri Sheikh Hasina on 22 February 2011 through laying the foundation stone. The establishment of the University brings into reality the dreams of millions who have been cherishing the desire for higher education at their footsteps since independence. Barisal University Admission Result 2014-15

Barisal UniversityBarisal University Admission Result 2014-15

Latest News Barisal University Admission Test Result 2014 

Download Ka Unit Result

Download Kha Unit Result

Download Ga Unit Result

Download Gha (Science Group) Unit Result

Download Gha (Business Group) Unit Result

Download Gha (Humanities Group) Unit Result

Time Schedule of Honors 1st Year (2014-15 Session) Admission Test:

Unit Ka : 17 October, 2014

Unit Kha : 17 October, 2014

Unit Ga : 18 October, 2014

Unit Gha : 18 October, 2014

SMS Method to Apply For Barisal University Admission 2014-15:

***You can apply online only from teletalk operator from August 24, 2014

BU<space>HSC Board Name<space>HSC Roll No<space>HSC Passed Year<space>SSC Board Name<space>SSC Roll No<space>SSC Passed Year<space>Your Desired Unit<space>Quota And send to 16222.

Example:  BU DHA 123456 2014 CHI 2012 A and Send To 16222

For Quota:  BU DHA 123456 2014 CHI 2012 A FFQ And Send To 16222

To confirm your registration send again a SMS to 16222 as

BU<space>YES<space>654321(PIN No) <space>01XXXXXXXX (Applicant’s Mobile No)

KEYWORD: freedom fighter FFQ, ward quota WQ, player quota SQ, tribal quota TQ ,Non-tribal quota NTQ , Artist quota AQ

Barisal University Admission Result 2014-15: Notice

Barisal University

Barisal UniversityBarisal University

Barisal University Admission Result 2014-15:

KA- Unit- Science and Engineering, Bio-Science and Agriculture

KHA-Unit- Arts and Humanities, Social Science, Law

GA- Unit- Business Studies

GHA- Unit- Department Change Unit

Academic Structure of Barisal University Admission 2014-15:

Science and Engineering:

● Mathematics

● Chemistry

● Computer Science and Engineering

Bio-Science and Agriculture:

● Soil and Environmental Science

● Botany and Crops Science

Arts and Humanities:

● Bengali

● English

Social Science:

● Sociology

● Public Administration

● Political Science

● History


Business Administration:

● Marketing

● Management studies

● Accounting and Information Systems

● Finance and banking

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